Luca Alessi, Italian at birth, has always had two great passions since childhood: sport and travel.

He has practiced several sports including football, ice skating, snowboarding and swimming. Swimming lead him to acquire a lifeguarding license and swimming instructor (a profession he has been doing in Italy since 2011). He practiced for a short period American Football in a defense as line backer.

Thanks to his brother, who at the age of 14 took him for the first time to the gym, Luca began to appreciate and later to love the cult of physical and mental well-being. Luca’s lifestyle is now based on weight training and calisthenics.

After graduating in 2004 he immediately started working in construction, where he experimented with creating manually. After a few years, feeling dissatisfied, he decided to resume his studies by enrolling at the University of Genoa, dedicating to his greatest passion: physical activity.

He graduated in 2015 in Sport and Health Exercise Science and then decided to continue his studies graduating in March 2018 in Science and Technique of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity.

Later Luca graduated as a masseur attending AIM (Italian Academy of Massage and Holistic Disciplines) based in Milan.

E-mail alessiluca@hotmail.it Hours Available Upon Request
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